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Photo Printing

When it comes to professional C Type photo printing, we believe choosing an expert photo printing lab like ourselves is your best option. For general photographic printing, with the prints suitable for mounting or framing, we recommend a C Type print for all your regular colour printing. They're archival, long lasting and robust.

A C Type is a traditional photographic print, usually used for colour photo printing. It is the industry standard for high quality professional prints from your digital files. Ours are produced on the very best machines, giving you high quality, real photographic silver halide prints from your images on traditional archival photographic papers. Order them online for collection in London EC1 or for delivery worldwide.

We only use professional photographic printing papers supplied by Fuji and Kodak, ranging from the classic C Type semi-matt, gloss, pure-matt Velvet to Metallic papers.

Standard C Type print time: Under 40 x 30 inches from 4 hours, over 40 x 30 inches, up to two working days. Velvet prints can be ready in 24 hours and are available up to 40" x 30” on Metroprint (for larger sizes please see our Metro Imaging website).
Premier C Type Print time: one working day.
*Specialist C Type (Metallic) 5 working days.

Types of C-Type photo printing paper

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper

Print time: Five working days.
This paper has a distinctive glossy finish and metallic appearance that works well with both colour and black and white images, by providing a visually different aspect to your work. Kodak’s Metallic papers provide a large colour gamut, with innovative cyan dispersion, whilst maintaining clean whites and rich blacks with constant and natural skin tones. In addition to this, black and white images have a dramatic impact and excellent contrast.
Read more about this paper on Kodak’s website here.

Fujicolour Crystal Archive Professional Velvet Paper (Dead Matt)

Fujicolour Crystal Archive Professional Velvet Paper (Dead Matt)

If you want a dead matt print on a true photographic C Type paper, then Fuji’s new ‘velvet’ is for you. This paper has a wonderfully creamy texture, which is perfect for both black and white and colour images. Ideal for photographers who want a non-reflective print that can be mounted, sealed and framed, with long lasting durability.

It’s a silver halide colour paper, specially designed to produce fine art prints. It has a unique smooth deep-matte surface design. The Velvet surface includes a fingerprint protection layer which makes the handling of the produced fine art images much easier. A particular characteristic of the surface of Velvet paper is the way it can diffuse light remarkably well even under high lighting conditions so that the light reflection is kept to the bare minimum. It shares the same features as Crystal Archive DP-II with pure whiteness, long term image stability and accurate colour reproduction.

Velvet prints can be ready in 24 hours and are available up to 40″ x 30” on Metroprint (for larger sizes please see our Metro Imaging service).

Kodak Professional Ultra Endura Paper

Kodak Professional Ultra Endura Paper

Lightjet paper available in Classic Matt or Gloss for over 50 inches to 120 inches
Print time: two working days.
An all-round winner for colour printing as it’s possible to print directly onto it from both film and digital media. Endura is a resin coated paper and gives us extraordinarily rich colours with great flesh tones, as well as the most intense blacks. It has top-notch archival quality and Kodak state print longevity is up to 100 years in typical home display and 200 years in dark storage.
Read more about this paper on Kodak’s website here.

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Available in Classic Matt or Gloss up to 50 inches
Fuji Crystal Archive paper uses optimised Silver Halide Crystals for laser exposure. Producing excellent prints from laser printers, this paper is considered to be the industry standard for fine art printing, offering vivid colour reproduction ranging from subtle shades of green, to vivid blues and reds.
At Metro, we offer this paper as a Semi-Matt and Gloss.
The paper exhibits high image stability during long-term dark storage and excellent light storage stability.


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Large Photo Printing

We are able to produce bigger and better C-Type photo prints than anywhere else in the UK. Our photo prints can go up to 120 x 72 inches (3m x 1.8m) in size, giving you a huge choice of sizes when it comes to producing your prints.

Mounted Prints

After your photos have been printed, our mounting team are able to mount the prints on a range of substrates, ranging from the lightweight foamex, foamboard or kapamount. We can also mount ctype photo prints onto more sturdy materials such as dibond or aluminium, backed with either battens or a subframe, depending on print size.

Framing your photos

When ordering online, we offer a limited range of classic photo frames, in three finishes: white photo frame, smooth black photo frame or a solid light oak frame. Alternately, just order your prints online to take advantage of our great value online ordering system, then contact us to discuss alternate framing styles and our range of thousands of frame mouldings.

Photos from Instagram

You can order your Instagram photos from your computer, click on the 'Order Kiosk' red button BELOW and add one or as many images as you like through our batch uploader. Photo prints are 5x5 inch only, on matt Fuji archive paper.

For our Kiosk service that gives you 6x4 inch or 7x5 inch matt borderless bundles of prints on Fuji archive paper - use our batch uploader for cheap, super fast prints within 24 hours. Simply upload your images via the red 'Order Kiosk' button BELOW.

Order Instagram / Kiosk

Black & White printing

We can produce real Silver Gelatin 'Darkroom prints' from your digital files. Working with Ilford, we are able to print directly to Ilford Galerie Silver FB Glossy fibre based bromide photo paper and Ilford Galerie Digital Silver RC Pearl.

Fine Art Giclee printing

While all of our colour and black and white photo printing services are of gallery quality, a lot of photographers and artists like to produce their fine art prints on Giclee watercolour paper, using archival pigment inks.

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Large Photo Prints

We are the UK’s top professional printing lab, and we are able to guarantee to produce the largest and best professional C-type prints in the UK. Sizes go up to 120 x 72 inches, giving you a huge choice when it comes to producing large-scale billboard size prints.

Same Day Photo Printing and Next Day Delivery

If you are working with tight deadlines, you might be interested in our same day photo printing option available for Standard C-Type prints under 40 x 30 inches, for which the turnaround time is from 4 hours. For prints over 40 x 30 inches, the turnaround time is up to two working days. In the case of Premier C-Type prints, then time would be one working day. Specialist C Type (Metallic) takes 3 working days.

Print Photos Online

Metro Print is the go-to-service for fast and easy online photo printing. If you feel confident in preparing your own files for print, simply upload the files and follow the guided steps, always with the option to upgrade and have an expert technician to review your file and make that lat tweak to ensure you get the perfect print. For your peace of mind, our online payment service is secure and guaranteed. Also, we do click and collect in lab or else, we can deliver worldwide. Whichever suits you better, we got you covered.